Procedure of Dysport injection

Dysport is a new injection for improvement in the look of your face. It helps to get rid of all kinds of wrinkles without changing the rest of your face.

It sounds like Dysport is very complex procedure but the reality is exactly the opposite. Treatment usually lasts only  15 to 20 minutes. Procedure looks like this –  very thin needle is injected into particular muscle for a few seconds with only the minor discomfort. Procedure is held without the need for pain medication or anesthesia. The untreated facial muscles still contract usually, allowing you to show facial expressions freely in untreated areas.

We hope now you will not be keeping away from anti-aging injections. They are effective and very comfortable for patients. Don’t to hesitate to visit Dr. Hegedosg’s website to find out more about Dysport and other treatments. We will make you feel and look younger!

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