Americans trust Botox !

We have written about Botox previously, but it was more a general information. Now we would like to share with you something really interesting. Of course, it is stats.

As you know, Botox was approved by FDA quite a long time ago – nearly 15 years ago. And every single year stats show the same fact – increase. Yes, Botox is getting more and more popular and even now the trend is the same.

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than    7 million people got “Botulinum Toxin Type A” treatment in 2016.This type of botulinum is used in both Botox and Dysport. And the number is truly impressive!

Another interesting thing told by ASPS, is increased number of patients under age 30 in 2016. It means that Americans pay more and more attention to the aging problem. Fortunately, many Americans not only treat aging, but also try to prevent. Botox is one of the best way to do it.

As you can clearly see, Botox and Dysport are widely used all over the world and in the US particularly. More than 7 million people got younger look and more fresh life last year. If you still have some doubts, just check this fact – Americans trust Botox !