Americans would love to find out that new injection is now availabe! In June 2016 FDA approved new injection treatment – Volbella. It would be very beneficial for those, who want to increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of different wrinkles around the mouth. Usually those wrinles are called “smoker’s” lines, fine vertical lines, perioral lines and other.

Volbella is very valuable because of its speciality. Taking into account huge interest in this area( mouth and lips), professionals have purposely created Volbella! Therefore, if you are interested is shaping lips, Volbella is an obvious choice for you!

However, you should not worry about safety issues. Volbella was first approved in Europe in 2011. Since then people from 70 countries, including Canada and EU-countries, enjoyed the results of Volbella. Moreover, FDA have made a research on safety and then approved it. So Volbella have totally proved its safety!

Now Americans also have the unique opportunity to make lips look much more younger. Consult Dr. Hegedosh and receive professional treatment!


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