Botox is very popular recently, what we have already told you. Effect of Botox injection is so attractive, that even some celebrities have admitted to have them. Actually, there are a lot of rumours about celebrities and their injections and surgeries. Nevertheless, we will concentrate on those, who openly admitted it.

So! One of them is Kim Kardashian, who said that it’s the only procedure she used. Nice sign of trust by Kim!

Another famous person, who has used Botox treatment is  Jenny McCarthy, former co-host of the ABC talk show The View. She credited Botox for helping to maintain youthful look in the interview to People Magazine.

Sharon Osbourne openly told about Botox in her how.”I think that botox is one of the best things that’s ever been created for cosmetic surgery,” she said.

The beauty queen Vanessa Williams  told People she started her Botox treatments at 40 an. “The doctor that I go to for my Botox does it gently, so I can act,” she told ABC News

Finally it’s Simon Cowell’s famous quote : “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste,” said Cowell in Glamour UK

As you see, many famous actors and actress like Botox. Surely, it’s highly important for them to stay young and beautiful. But you easily can do the same!

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