Sculptra is a new injectable treatment made from polylactic acid. It was approved in August 2004 by FDA for the treatment of facial lipoatrophy (facial wasting) and in 2009 for cosmetic use.

The great news that Sculptra is very versatile and can be used almost for every part of your body. Particularly it is very effective for improving facial volume because it creates a soft, more youthful and natural appearance of the face. Also Sculptra is widely used for treatment mild to severe facial wrinkle. Moreover, Sculptra can also be used to rejuvenate  hands  and to sculpt the buttocks and hips. Sculptra has also proven it’s effieciency in minimizing cellulite.

As you can, see Sculptra is truly magical injection that can help you to get desired look in almost every part of your body. But in some cases Sculptra treatments may be unavailable because of the skin thickness level, so don’t forget to consult experienced and qualified doctor. Dr. Hegedosh will gladly help you!

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