More important info about Volbella

Volbella is a very special member of the Juvederm family of products. It was approved by FDA  in and is very popular since then. No wonder if look you closely on it!

Volbella is so unique because it has very definite area of usage. Volbella increases lip fullness and softens the appearance of different wrinkles around the mouth.  Volbela was designed specially for treatment these parts of the face – mouth and lips.

Another great news for patients is that effect of Volbella lasts one year. It is a significant improvement as other lip fillers usually last up to six months.


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Your food as an anti-aging measure!

Of course, the best way to combat signs of aging is treatment. This is the reason why many people don’t pay enough attention to other ways. However, they do have considerable strengths and benefits.

Many people don’t realize how much food influences our health. Those who do realize, usually don’t think that food has an impact on our look. However, it has.

Some product accelerate process of aging, some of them help to slow it down. The best ant-aging product are fruits, partly vegetables. They contain high amount of antioxidants, which improve hydration of the skin. Skin usually get drier the older you become. That is why it needs hydration. Moreover, it can be a preventive measure as well. So don’t forget about consuming anti-aging food!

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IPL skin treatment

IPL stands for Intense pulsed light, technology similar to laser used in various skin treatments. Basically, is a form of light therapy, used for dermatological procedures, including skin rejuvenation and  hair removal.

IPL has a wide range of functions.Most often is used for making the skin tone or color more even. IPL can also be used for sun or age spots removal. Moreover, IPL procedure also adds a collagen to the skin, which improves its texture. Recently, it has been also used for permanent hair reduction. additionally, Dr. Hegedosh recommends specific IPL for acne scar diminishing.

IPL is totally safe as it was approved by FDA. Moreover, it has been used all over the world for more than twenty years, so IPL has proved its efficiency and safety. Most of the patients do not consider IPL procedure as painful, rather recognising it as discomfortable.


So IPL treatment would be perfect for you to rejuvenate the skin in a very soft way. Dr. Hegedosh highly encourages you to consider this option!

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Get rid of laugh lines ​with Restylane Refyne!

Good news for everyone looking for high-quality treatment of wrinkles! U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved new products – Restylane Refyne and Restyle Defyne. These dermal fillers are the new generation of well-known Restylane.

Restylane Refyne it is approved for treatment of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds for patients over the age 21. This products has very precise function – treatment of “laugh lines”. These wrinkles also has another name – nasolabial and marionette lines in professional vocabulary. These wrinkles form around the nose and run down to the corners of the mouth and the lines that run from the corner of your mouth to the chin. The effect of Restylane Refyne usually lasts up to 12 months.

Dr. Hegedosh want you to pay to the main advantage of Restylane Refyne – its flexibility. Usually it provides subtle support. That’s exactly what is needed for facial wrinkles treatment! For example, Restylane Refyne helps to get rid of upper lip wrinkles, fine lines on the side of cheeks etc.

Dr.Hegedosh also wants you to pay attention that Restylane Refyne is totally safe as it was seriously revised by FDA.Moreover, it is used in Europe and Canada since 2010 but with a different name – Emervel.

Restylane Refyne is the new generation of Restylanes, aiming to reduce and eliminate “laugh lines” as well as other facial wrinkles and maintain natural look of the face. If it is what you look for, don’t wait to approach Dr. Hegedosh!

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Kybella – huge innovation!

One of important parts of the face is chin. With age, so-called “double chin” appears. For  long period the only solution was surgery, which surely is difficult, quite risky and expensive. Now we have alternative solution!

It is Kybella –   injectable treatment that reduces and eliminates submental fullness fat under the chin. It was approved by FDA in 2015, so Kybella is totally safe. It works in a very innovative and effective way – by simply destroying cells of fat. It is possible due to the deoxycholic acid, which is also produced by our body to absorb fats.

Results of Kybella treatments usually appear within one or two months. Moreover,  effect of treatment is permanent! So don’t waste your chance to get rid of double chin quickly, comfortably and easy with Kybella!

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